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Autopsy Jude is a scientist by day, cool-as cyborg leopard by night, and a camera wielder by every other time.

Summoned from Melbourne, Australia, this 23 year old social fail is increasingly worried about growing up.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011 at

Autopsy Jude looks up to people.

I've never really shared the blogs that I love love love most in the world. Out of all the blogs/sites that pepper the virtual land, I find myself coming back to these few for MASSIVE (and i MEAN MASSIVE) inspiration.

Nubby Twiglet is the gold standard of bloggers. She blogs almost every day without fail. (Of course, its a career choice for her, but the discipline is very admirable)

I've been going back to her since I very first started this blog for blogging and design advice. She was one of the reasons why I started in the first place!

I only recently discovered Oracle Fox this year, for fashion/accessory inspiration. You'll probably notice, if you go on her site, my recent amplification of style is very influenced by(to put it bluntly - copied from) the super cool author, Mandy.

Nicole Warne is famous from Gary Pepper Vintage, and I go to her for inspiration for my own online store, Wolfendale Vintage. This one's the gold standard for that. Also, it helps that shes got wicked style, super friendly and astonishingly pretty.

Amelia Arsenic of Destroyx is the undisputed queen of productivity. She is so productive she managed to go to Uni, tour the world in a band called Angelspit, designs their album art, source out, designed the packaging and sell her own like of makeup, makeup brushes, eyelashes, tee shirts and jewellery, do make up tutorials and organise photoshoots etc. to maintain her blog(though she is on a bit of a break at the moment) all this while living out of a suitcase most of the time. AND shes only 25!!!

I cannot stress how much I look up to her and want to meet her it's borderline stalking. She was another of my reasons to start a life online.

Zoetica Ebb of Bio Requiem is another queen of productivity. She's done so much in her young young life. Just look at her stats. Ahhhh.

Though I'm farrrrr from being anything close to the caliber of these people, I think if I stalk them long enough, I'll get to meet them and then they'll help me become like them!

I wish.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011 at

Photo Slice: Autopsy Jude has a birthday party

The shortlived week I spent in Singapore was, shortlived. I had a great time catching up with my friends over pretty tasty food and drinks (though I didn't get to eat the quesidillia and cake;O !)

I'm glad I stressed over looking for a place for this, if not I wouldn't have gotten to see all my friends all in one spot. In fact, I don't think this group of people would ever gather again. Unless they all liked each other so much so they hang out without me, amongst themselves.

I got 11 birthday speeches instead of a couple, which was even better!

Though it wasn't a massive thing, it sure felt like it was. Thanks so much for coming guys, I ♥ all of youse!

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Monday, February 14, 2011 at

The sensible valentine.

Girl after girl after girl I walked past today had flowers clutched against their chest, all dressed in fancy cocktail dresses and trying to ignore the fact that every other girl had the same thing going on for them.

I'm so glad I didn't end up clicking 'Confirm purchase' on that online florist last night, which would have confirmed the delivery of a ridiculously priced bouquet of not-so-popular-and-therefore-cheaper-than-roses assortment of flowers to a certain house in Creswick. Or get flowers as a matter of fact.

I settled on a years worth of gaming magazine subscription as a valentines gift for Matt. They were even $10 cheaper than the flowers.

Sure, the long time cliche of giving flowers is 10 times more romantic than gaming magazines subscription and it definitely feels good to receive them, but who can resist something that's actually useful and can be sustained for more than a week?

I am now proceeding to gloat in my wise decision.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at

Autospy Jude the Cripple

I'm sure some (or none perhaps) of you have heard through the grapevine that I somehow managed to injure foot on the way back home last week.

Apparantly its more serious than I thought so I had to get a boot thing for my foot. My grand dad loaned me his walking stick to hobble around with and it works fine, though I had imagined myself with a more elegant cane, such as one with an antler handle. Though, it probably wouldn't be the best of ideas.

Anyways, a foot in a brace = the opportunity to use crutches. I've never used crutches before and what better chance to use them now? I'm not intending hurting my foot/leg any more than it is now. I happened upon this pretty slick pair of wooden crutches for 13 dollars at Savers, and I have to say... crutches aren't as fun as I thought.

But oh well, the crutches/boot adds some level of 'cool' to my whole look. When people stare at my boot and my newly aquired disability (avec-crutches and boot), I like to imagine they think I broke my foot in a vigourous sporting event such as snowboarding.