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Autopsy Jude is a scientist by day, cool-as cyborg leopard by night, and a camera wielder by every other time.

Summoned from Melbourne, Australia, this 23 year old social fail is increasingly worried about growing up.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at


After that month at Placement, learning to be a adult, I realised time goes 5 times as fast as it does when you're in school. So in a complete effort into becoming a person who doesn't waste their mornings, I have made somewhat of an effor to wake up slightly earlier (10am is very early for me on a weekday!) to go to markets in the city.

The last two weekends convieniently had markets for me to attend, courtesy of Andie's friend who organised the whole thing and of course for free hot chocolate and coffee. I think its a pretty big feat for a person my age to set up and contact all these different people for an event spanning 3 different weekends in the middle of the city.

I've been to a couple of different markets so far (other than the two Andie brought us to) and they are pretty repetitive. The stalls are usually the same, couple of very memorable businesses that are ubiquitous (unless they are different shops selling the same things and I am oblivious, which is usually the case.), the rest are usually upcycled vintage clothing. But they are still fun to go to because you get to see what kinda things are being sold in the local businesses market.

I always have to drag Matt along because early-ish morning markets and Matt don't mix, but he's been very good at coming with. I think I have to learn to go places myself.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010 at

Modelling is hard.

America's next top model is in its 15th season and its amazing what a long way its come.

Modelling is definitely an art and I don't think its particularly as easy as seems. Even if you were blessed with long limbs, an invisible waist and lean body.

One of my favorite photo spreads that proves the importance of the talent of the model is that in Amica's July 2010 issue, Summer by Jean Francois Lepage.

Model: Emily Wake, More at Faking Fashion
I love the way she's completely detached from life while still encapsulating the melancholy of being.... emotionless? somewhat an ironic analogy but I hope it makes sense.

But this is just exactly my point; the model (in team effort with the photographer of course) has to convey in photos something that cannot be relayed in words by the common-men ( I think I made that word up. It sounds fancy though.)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at

Photo Slice: Wet September

This september has been very very wet. It was like the clouds forgot to rain and just remebered in the month of September.

I consider myself lucky to be in Creswick when the massive rainstorm came about, and also lucky to be in doors with lots of blankets and the fire going.

I've never seen a flood before so I was all noob-like and wanted to swin in the water. And buy gum boots so I could play in the rain. Unfortunately, the floods blocked us in so we couldn't drive to Ballarat to get some gumboots from K-mart. (Probably a good thing anyways. I don't know when else I would wear gum boots to)

When Matt's dad went up to the cows to take a photo of the creek behind them, they all came running. It was like they wanted to be saved from the water. :(

On the way to work; this message is scrawled on the bus stop. How omnious. I wonder if they will actually come on the 19th of May 2013? Also, I wonder if the glass would have already been replace by then? ANDDD, I wonder when this message was scrawled? Too many questions.


Monday, September 13, 2010 at

Photo Slice #335666

I think I have decided that PHOTO TEIM shall be renamed photo slice. Much cooler, no? I made a (somewhat) swanky header just for it.

Matt and I went to Creswick over the weekend for Father's Day. Matt's mom cooked a delicious breakfast. Bacon + hashbrowns +tomatoes +scrambled eggs + toast is a good combination.

We went for hot chocolate in the town of Creswick admist the aftermath of the flood the day before and then drove around surveying the damage done. Good thing there wasn't anything serious. Clunes (north of Creswick) is probably a lot worse off.
My new camera is so amazing, I want to bring it everywhere. I feel like a changed person. HAHA.


Thursday, September 9, 2010 at

Even perfect people aren't perfect.

Its hard to be the perfect person you wanna be, and apparently, being completely content with how you are is not all that cut out to be either (well, depends on what you're into).

A little birdy once told me (Sam Donegan, and he told me today) that people who are self actualised (read more about it in a possibly incorrect wiki article here), are people who are very comfortable with what they have and don't worry about stuff like how they look, or what people perceive them to be. Now this is all good and all but because they are so happy with how they are, there is no motivation for them to move forward, and they pretty much get stuck in a rut.

Obviously, if you're already happy, there isn't a need for you to be moving forward in anyway, and that suits some people just fine.

Unfortunately, the world is not flat and some thing is going to knock you off and destroy your comfy couch, and there has to be some sort of moving forward somewhere. Them comfy chairs don't come hardy

Sometimes I wish I had the courage to just be content. But only sometimes.

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The Good Stuff: Full Double rainbows.

OMG its a double rainbow!!! OMG double, full rainbow all the way. OH MY GOD. Its a sign. *tears of joy*

I have to say a full double rainbow is pretty impressive and is quite pleasing to the eye especially after a bad day of flooding in Creswick. Good thing it only lasted a day.

There's always a silver lining on ever cloud eh. Some times its hard to see because its so faint, but its there.

By the way, in case you've been living under a rock and have no idea what I'm talking about in my first sentance, watch this:

Except my rainbow is better because you can see where it ends. It was like, 30 meters away from me. I think. My estimation of distances is probably way off. But it was close! Unfortunately, I didn't find double leprechauns or double pots of gold. Bugger.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at

Forget the floods, spring is here!

Yet another tribute to the best weather in the world. And I was just starting to think that Singapore's weather wasn't that bad. You just can't beat Melbourne's awesomenezz. (except for the floods). I think I need to add another 'Weather' tag because I blog about the weather so much.

So much so that it compelled me to walk more than usual. It was enjoyable until my back started hurting from my non ergonomically designed bag and poor posture.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010 at

Another jolt start to the brain?

I am definetly in need of some inspiration because I am itching to get my new camera out of the house! Here are some random things I found.

Magazine: Vogue Germany September 2010
Title: Ithaka
Model: Maryna Linchuk
Photographer: Phil Poynter

What beautiful styling, photography, and model. These photos are part of a full page photo so theres another half to it. Also, see the rest here

An extremely cool self portrait tryptich by Erwin Olaf. I've admired his work before, especially the 50s styled ones. (I'm pretty sure you know by now I'm doomed to fall onto my knees for anything from the forties to the early sixties.) He's got a lot of wonderful concepts for shoots.

StreetPeeper for Melbourne. Its so much cooler if someone thinks you're worthy enough to put you on their site. This blog has some good selections, especially the more recent ones. But its incredibly slow. But it might just be my computer...There is a fifties collage (or montage, rather) that lead me to streetpeeper in the first place. I would post the photos up, but the only photos I can find are in that montage thing I saw. So i'm just going to post a screenshot. It was a good collection of good styling.

Montage can be seen here

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at

Umbrellas. Y/N?

I don't usually like umbrellas. I like to stay away from it, or raincoats as much as possible. They are fussy, not very portable, adds weight and bulk to your bag and is dripping wet half of the time. Half your body gets wet anyways when you use it so sometimes I don't even see the point. If its raining, I'd much rather wear a jacket with a hood cause and its okay because I probably won't be walking much in the rain anyways.

Today when I stepped out of the house, it was raining. A bit heavier than what I would have liked, but if I was just going to school, I wouldn't have bothered to take an umbrella. Unfortunately, there is a 10+20 min uncoverend walk separating me and my placement. So I was pretty much forced to take an umbrella if I wanted to keep half of my body + non-waterproof bag dry.

So I've always had this notion that umbrelles are super uncool, and embarrasing to carry and totally cramps my style. Like seriously, whats cooler than walking aloof, in the rain, nonchalant to the trivials of life. Or... getting in touch with nature.... or something.

And I'm sure some one else can give an awesome rebuttal to my umbrellas-are-not-cool motion with all these fancy examples of cool umbrellas because theres always someone, so I'm not going to let that happen, and I'm going to prove to myself that umbrellas can be cool.

I have to say, my rebuttal is kinda good. I really want these umbrellas now. Maybe then I wont mind rainy days cause I get to look cool.

LED umbrella by Yanko Design
Bella Umbrella from www.bellaumbrella.com
Clear umbrella from Target (US)
The Umbuster

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