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Autopsy Jude is a scientist by day, cool-as cyborg leopard by night, and a camera wielder by every other time.

Summoned from Melbourne, Australia, this 23 year old social fail is increasingly worried about growing up.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010 at

Chunky Glasses R not cool.

According to the Melbourne Magazine from The Age (which, by the way, I enjoyed very very much - refer to twitter-), adding chunky glasses to your accessory list is infinetly hip. Prescription or not.

Channelling you inner nerd first came out in the early 2000s and has reigned (in the background at least) for most of the naughties. I remeber when The Straits Times first had a feature in thick framed glasses when I was about 11.

Being four-eyed 65% of my life, I've always secretly thought that non prescription frames were very lame and pretty uncool. I'm sure all of you have at least one friend who walks around with 'fake' glasses some of which would have no lenses in the frames what-so-ever. Its like wearing sunglasses at night or inside a shopping center. I guess some credit can be given to those so spend hundreds of dollars on nice fake glasses.

Maybe I developed one of those jealousy issues that a lot of other 'hardcore' people have with fake personalities; I am the original glasses-wearer! I've been cool since I was 7! ( I remember the night before I got my glasses. I was very very very excited. My mom on the other hand, was pretty worried for my weak eyes.)

But once again fashion has overpowered practicality and it is now socially acceptable to me to wear glasses with no preseciption in them. Good thing the no-lense-frames didn't really take off.

Also, other than not being able to come up with a good segue to this paragraph, I have decided that its not as cool if the Asians are wearing glasses unless their frames are incredibly amazing. I mean seriously, coming for a country with one of the highest myopia statictic in the world, glasses are expected. The people with 20/20 vision in Singapore are the weird ones...

Here's a graph representing the coolness factor increase when wearing different types of glasses.

Race x (any other race but Asians) undergoes a massive increase when they put on a good pair of glasses (any glasses that are deemed trendy by whoever it is that approves trends). But when the Asain (with all the same factors like gender, height, clique and everything else) dons the same pair of glasses the increase is slight.

When the Asian puts on a really overpriced and extremely cool pair of glasses the increase is larger but it still doesn't cut it.

Haha. Okay obviously, this is just a blind, exaggerated generalisation and should not be taken into any serious consideration at all. I'm about 52267% sure that someone can prove me wrong. Even I can prove myself wrong. Also, I'm allowed to make fun of Asian people because I'm Asian.

okay enough banter already. I like glasses and I'm glad that wearing glasses are more cool than not in my generation.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010 at

The good stuff: Going out of the house + home made briyanni

Going outside of the house is fun. This is us trying to be cool.

Also, on saturday, Samantha Mathews had a birthday party, and the briyanni and Beef stew that her dad cooked; flabbergastingly good. I miss briyanniiiiiii!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010 at


I've never been good at handling failure. Once something that I've tried to do fails, I'll hardly/never try it again.

This is probably why I'm never good at any one thing.

Lately, I've been trying to make bath-bombs, and albeit a simple recipe, I've only been able to get it right once(out of three times that I've done it). To think almost three years of uni studying about powder mixing and particle size and powder wetting would give me a massive advantage at even making a whole new type of paint. But noooo..... I get stumped at a tiny pot hole in the road called Bath bombs.

I had planned to make a pair of bath bombs for Samantha Mathews for her birthday but unfortunately they failed. :( (I made one for Mel and she got the good batch!) But fear not! I will not let this pot hole swallow me whole find the recipe and make the perfect bath bomb!!


Friday, July 23, 2010 at

The good stuff: we all love Dobby.

Obligatory beverage shot.

Went out for coffee with some friends for the first time in 6 months. I know, I'm lame.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at

The Good Stuff: YSL mohawk platform pumps

Vogue US July 2010, The Bright Side, Raymond Meier
image from faking fashion

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2010 by Stefano Pilati. I say Yay!

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Monday, July 19, 2010 at

Mokrani & Bodin - Beauty reel

Sunday, July 18, 2010 at

Its the weekend Photoshoot

The photoshoot from SHOP magazine. The styling is pretty genius. Evidence that my creativity ain't cut up to it yet.

My favourite outfits have got to be the 1st, 3rd and 4th ones.

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Friday, July 16, 2010 at

The Great SHOP Shoe Drop

Today was the Melbourne Great SHOP Shoe Drop and Matt and I ventured forth into the city to test our knowledge of the city of Melbourne.

The whole ordeal started at 9.30 and if you know anything about me, you'll know its a real bother getting me up anytime earlier than 12. And its a really big deal.

Luckily for me, hunting for free shoes give me a large enough incentive to get up and run around in the morning.

Unfortunately, after a day of frantically walking all over the city in large, aimless circles, an 11 dollar cab ride to Fitzroy, constantly checking my phone for twitter updates, getting mad at my phone for not being fast enough and not have a longer battery life when it's down to 3 out of 5 bars , and wrongly predicting the next possible locations of the shoe drops, I didn't get my chance with any free shoes. Embarrassingly, not even close.

But on the plus side, because I was out so much earlier than I'm used to Matt and I achieved the following things;
  • Got to enjoy the beautiful Melbourne weather that I ADORE.
  • Went to get Matt's lip piercing fitted
  • Discovered this weird shop with the awesomest original-vintage blazer, army portrait, mink shawl and a whole bunch of other stuff which apparently wasn't for sale...It literally was 3 shops worth of awesome junk (though we weren't allowed to go past a small section of the first). When I am rich and I want to refurbish my house, that's where I'm going to go. The shop keeper was this strange little man who seemed like he had forgotten a lot of things... like the price of his items.
  • Went to a very stuffy reptile store, that sold reptiles that seemed very irked...
  • Had a good and cheap lunch at Bimbos ( THEY WERE GIVING OUT THEM PUMAS THERE AND WE MISSED IT GRR.)
  • Got a work out by walking around the whole day. Ho Ho Ho

I WISH I COULD HAVE GOTTEN THOSE PUMAS!. Its the pumas I'm so bummed about.
I think SHOP magazine did a really good job of hosting the event, and very probably promoted their August magazine sales by heaps and bounds (you had to buy the magazine for the shoes).

Whilst reading through it last night, I was very impressed by the styling for a winter shoot using 'considerably cheap' pieces. I still can't afford them though. :(

You know that post I made a couple of days back when I said winter wear is such a chore? Well I take it back. I obviously wasn't working hard enough.


Thursday, July 15, 2010 at

New Hair??

New hairs!


I'd always like how my bleached and coloured hair looked on me and looking back on my old-er photos, I am starting to miss it very very much. The reason I spent a extremely large amount of money to get my hair back to a natural colour was to increase my chances of getting a job.

Obviously, that didn't work and clearly, the reason why people don't want to hire me must come from within. How depressing.

Maybe I don't try hard enough.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at

Model boyyyy

Apparently, someone looks like a model xD



I can't get enough of this hat!

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