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Autopsy Jude is a scientist by day, cool-as cyborg leopard by night, and a camera wielder by every other time.

Summoned from Melbourne, Australia, this 23 year old social fail is increasingly worried about growing up.

For photography prices, email wanda@autopsyjude.com or get onto Facebook!



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Friday, January 9, 2015 at

Byron Rodeo

If I could do the Rodeo circuit I would! The rodeo came to Byron last night and you should have seen all the animal cruelty signs. Managed to get snaps and not get hassled by peta activists.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at

Casino Rodeo

I have many peculiar interests and one of them is country genres and lifestyle (except for their fashion and their love of Pink - the singer) I went to Casino Beef Week when I first moved up to the northern rivers. It all that I could ever imagine! Beautiful show cattle, country rock, real cowboys and lumberjacks, and of course, a rodeo. 

I've envisioned myself going to Beef week ever since I read about on some random blog 2 years ago. Sometimes I surprise even myself at the things I find myself engrossed in.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014 at

Pageant Princess

I should be "My Strange Addiction" for tacky american reality TV shows. My  above average interest of Toddlers n Tiaras has compelled me to drive 2 hours north to Brisbane to watch a Full Glitz Australian Pageant.

Admittedly, I was slightly disappointed at the minimal use of full hair falls, stiff plastic jewel encrusted tulle, flippers (false teeth) etc etc, but I believe I am the very small minority here.

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Monday, July 21, 2014 at

Deakin Street

Here is my first attempt at real estate photography. The impeccably dressed model is the house of Angela Ryder; a very accomplished woman working for the Australian Institute of Sport, a great athlete and a cool kiwi chick.
You might remember (but more probably not) I got to house sit this amazing house when Angela went to America for holidays a few years ago - refer to the multiple non-Hamish cat photos. (Golly its been so long!!)
This house is seriously amazing and looks like it should be featured in Real Living magazine or something. The glass roof does wonders for turning nocturnal owls like me into morning people!!!
The photos are featured HERE

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Thursday, June 26, 2014 at

Fraser Island

About a month ago I made an impulse decision to move from my beloved Melbourne to Byron Bay, the most eastern point of the mainland. Its way up North so its a lot warmer than what I am used to. The weather has been undoubted the best for such a long time. Last weekend I managed to catch up with a few people I knew from the dragonboat club. We camped on Fraser Island for a night. It is such a magical spot; Lake McKenzie was so crystal clear, I've never seen anything like it! I am already making plans to go there again with a canoe in tow. Somehow.

The vegetation up north is very different from Victoria, naturally. Its a lot more... plush and resort like.

On the drive back we passed some Pine plantations. Seeing pine trees growing in meticulous rows and columns is very surreal. I would love to find myself in the middle of one.

And so my Australian Adventure continues!

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